Who is Roland Flemm?

Roland started in 1984 as a Cobol and Ideal/Datacom developer. In 2001 he moved to the support and maintenance field and worked with mostly IBM Application Server products (ihs, wps, was, wp). He worked as an IBM product support specialist (implementation and maintenance of WebSphere application server, portals, process server and infrastructure components).

In 2009 he started a new career in Scrum and Agile. Roland is now one of the 350 globally certified Professional Scrum Trainers for and provides training throughout Europe. He is an Agile organization design consultant and supports agile adoptions in various industries. He regularly speaks at international conferences and publishes articles. The core of his approach is to put people first, learn by doing and innovation with common sense.

Roland sets high standards for himself and for the services he delivers to his customers. The field of Agile and Scrum is constantly evolving. He closely follows new trends and actively participates in a wide network of leading Agile experts. This enables him to offer his customers the latest techniques and insights.

Why do people contact me?

People come to me to fix problems like these:

  • We added (Scrum) teams to speed up our software delivery, but now this is slowing us down.
  • We have difficulties to keep up with the speed at which competitors are delivering new features.
  • We (the business) pay a fortune for IT, but the ROI is too low. IT is making a mess of things.
  • Our existing customer-base does not appreciate the new features we bring them.
  • It is impossible for Product management to forecast product releases on a quarterly basis. 
  • People in the teams are unmotivated and do not take responsibility for the work.
  • The people are leaving the company, our knowledge is draining.

Please refer to my portfolio page for more details.

Contact details and social media

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Other stuff I do

What is d.c.m.e.?

d.c.m.e. is the abbreviation of “The Dutch Company that Makes Everything”, and is the legal entity under which Roland operates.

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