How you can keep Scrum positive

In Scrum, we know we will make things better through empiricism: We continuously inspect and adapt. However, over time it looks like the continuous improvement Kata loses its magical powers and becomes stale. Scrum Masters try to fix things by varying their retrospectives format, by introducing games and by introducing more creative problem solving approaches like lateral thinking (Dr. E. de Bono) to get better improvement results. Continue reading

The 5 Supporting Elements of Scrum

In Scrum classes we often ask the attendees to draw a picture of the Scrum framework, in order learn what their current understanding of the framework is. In many cases people are close to remembering the three roles, three artifacts and five events. But they also bring forward many related elements that are important or even indispensable to support the Scrum framework, but are not roles, artifacts nor events.

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Mix-it Lyon 2018: With Love and Pancakes

I am in the Lyon airport, waiting for a rescheduled flight to Amsterdam. This gives me some time to share my thoughts on speaking at Mixit 2018.

a picture the beautiful city of Lyon by night.

I have been to Lyon together with Emile Silvis, since we were invited to host a workshop on System’s thinking, making Causal loop diagrams. In addition to that, I gave a lecture on Large Scale Scrum. 

The conference is organised in the main building of the campus of the CPE (Ecole supérieure de Chimie, Physique et Electronique). Continue reading

Diary of a rookie: Speaking in Kiev at the Agileee 2017

rolandflemmagileeeMonday April 10, Amsterdam

In the weekend, 7-8th of April, the Eastern European Agile convention took place. I was granted a 30-minute slot to speak on Saturday. This was the first time ever for me to speak at a convention. If you ever might consider to share your knowledge with a large group of people, read on.

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