Maybe you like my links…

Agilix Consulting: I’ve learnt to appreciate the simplicity and wealth of true agile from Cesario Ramos (and still am). Great guy, very knowledgeable. Contact him for a great training!

Cesario ramos’s blog.

Adapt 2 Value: Adrie Dolman has tought me the concept of cusotmer centric and holostic organizations.

Emile Silvis : Emile is a great guy I am working with now at Backbase in Amsterdam. We are coach buddies. I’m impressed by his keen sense of abstraction and love his sense of humor. Great Blog!

Age of Product :  Great source -Tools and insights for agile software development, product management, and lean methodologies to help you invent for your customers.

The illustrated Agile : Ben Lagestee not only says the right things,he also formulates them with great style.

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