The Airbase game (learning the benefits of failing fast)

airbaseYour team develops and launches a new product in the market. The goal is to sell a new product for 50 euros to the customer. Your team works iteratively according to Scrum. Each iteration will cost 50 euros and the total budget is limited to 200 euros. The customer has a limited budget, which also fluctuates. The team that has the highest amount of money after running three sprints, wins the game.

This is a game targeted at teams who want to learn to work close with real customers, collecting requirements for real products.  In this competitive game, multiple teams will burn money on sprits for developing a product. Customers visit their sprint review. The teams will learn to see the difference between socially accepted customer behavior and real feedback. They will experience that if they fail fast, they will be making more money faster.

This deck includes the full instruction setup, which includes instructions for facilitator, all participants, customer, product owner and scrum master as well as existing product samples.

The game was developed by Adrie Dolman and Roland Flemm in 2016. If you want me to run this game in your company, feel free to contact me or Adrie. Send me an email to request the full instruction paper.


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