Agile coaching



I worked on numerous projects in various international companies, mainly in the banking industry. My latest assignments were Rabobank international, Powerhouse and AbnAmro bank. Currently I am working as an independent consultant in the role of Agile coach for the CX-tribe of Backbase R&D (Amsterdam).

I have built a reputation for a “non-compromise Agility” approach. I was very fortunate to work closely in projects with renowned Dutch agilists like Cesario Ramos and Adrie Dolman.


My strengths finder profile themes are: Achiever, Ideation, Communication, Activator, Strategic.


I work in close relationship with the product owner and enable the teams to deliver what’s most valuable for the business in the least amount of time. I continue to  strive for a non-compromise perfect agile implementation. I’m continuously looking for opportunities to learn from others.


If you want to get in touch with me, you can find me at

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