Survey: working from home and team happiness

In these strange days, the concept of working remotely is being tested to the max. The main idea we have about team collaboration is that it is better to be collocated. But as we are forced to be dispersed, I was interested in finding out how bad the remote work actually is.

I am curious to learn: How does remote working under Covid-19 influence our team happiness?

What metrics can we apply to measure the effects of working remotely? I chose the “industry standard” team happiness metric that originated from Spotify. Not because I like it so much, but because I guess most people have done this one before the outbreak.

To understand how we relatively perceive working remotely, it makes sense to compare it to the situation before the virus lock-down situation. Try to remember how suitable the working process was back then at the office. Let’s agree to rate that situation with 50 on a scale from 0-100. Now think about how you perceive things are going now: How is working remote with your (scrum) team? If working remotely is a lot better (maybe you don’t have to deal with the peculiarities of the lead dev, or the scrum master is not breathing in your neck all the time), you might rate it with 80. But if you feel lonely and you miss the casual interactions, you take more time to solve problems because nobody notices you are struggling, you might want to rate it with a low 20.

It would be interesting to see how good or how bad we perceive remote teamwork.


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