Systems Thinking, Episode #2: Complex Adaptive Systems

In my previous episodes of this series on Systems Thinking, I elaborated on what systems Thinking is and on the Wicked Problems Systems Thinking is trying to solve. In this episode, I want to explore Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS).

In Systems Thinking, we observe different types of systems.  There are static systems like cars and complex systems like people for instance. Opposed to static systems, complex systems behave differently under different stimuli. A car’s emergent behaviour Continue reading

Systems Thinking, Episode #1 What are Wicked Problems and why should I care?

In a series of blog posts, I want to share how you can use Systems Thinking to resolve complex problems. Systems Thinking aims at understanding and possibly solving complex problems. In this episode, I will focus on complex adaptive problems, also known as “Wicked Problems”.

Wicked problems are very difficult problems that don’t seem to have a simple solution. They’re like an inextricable knot. When you’ve unraveled one thread of the problem, new problems keep popping up.  Continue reading