I will be speaking at Eastern Europe Agile Convention


The Eastern European Agile convention will take place on april 7 and 8 in Kiev, Ukraine. 2476 International guests and 195 speakers.

Headlining this episode are:

  • Dave Snowden – Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge

  • Olaf Lewitz – Certified Enterprise Coach

  • Michael Sahota- Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

I am very honored and pleased that I am admitted to talk about:

Remote team facilitation and Scaled Scrum: How to make it work

Near-shoring introduces complexity in scrum teams. When we scale scrum, this complexity is amplified and drastically reduces meeting efficiency. Is there a silver bullet to make remote teams high-performant in a (scaled) scrum environment?

When facilitating agile workshops, you probably experienced the difficulties of keeping the remote participants involved. And maybe you also know how hard it is to facilitate a highly interactive session with more than 50 people? Or how much harder it gets when 10 of them are connected remotely? I learned time after time participants feel left out, not listened to or find it impossible to follow discussions. Your sessions, intended to boost productivity, demotivate your remote teams.

Join this talk if you are a facilitator working with one or more near-shore teams. I will share my day-to-day experiences and insights that will help you to involve your remote teams.

I hope you will join me in Kiev!

Read more about the event: http://kiev2017.agileee.org/

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